Money-Making Apps

OfferUp — 116.00$ money-making so far

OfferUp is a FREE app that allows you to buy or sell stuff locally. With a single snap, you can take a photo of an item and instantly circulate it to people nearby. All you need to do is register with your Facebook account or with an e-mail.

Check out my review here

October: 88.00$
Vintage Couch = 35$
Wedding card holder = 10$
Unused CK perfume = 15$
Used CK perfume = 10$
Used Givenchy perfume = 18$

November: 3.00$
Statement necklace = 3$

December: 25.00$
Used Microwave = 10$
Snowflake earrings = 3$
NBA Jersey = 12$

Wallapop — 17.00$ money-making so far

This is another app that allows you to post things you would like to sell in your area. I downloaded this app in October and I have successfully sold 5 books in November.

This app is slightly better than OfferUP because you can post more than one picture in a single post.

November: 17.00$
Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy = 12.00$
Hunger Games (2) = 5.00$

LetGo – 12.00$ money making so far

November: 12.00$
Pink Cocktail Dress = 12.00$

Ibotta11.00$ cash back so far 

Cash back app on grocery/household items

      • You purchase these items anyway. You might as well put in some effort for money.
      • Cash Redeemable via Paypal or with a gift card, once you have 10$. It’s pretty easy to cash in some dollars.

2015 since September 20, 2015

September: 4.00$ 
October: 6.05$
November: 0.95$

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.13.47 PM

Snap by Groupon — 1.50$ cash back so far

Cash back app on grocery/household items

      • Snap gives you cash back on grocery purchases anywhere you shop.
      • Cash Redeemable via Paypal or with a gift card, once you have 20$. It’s pretty easy to cash in some dollars.

2015 since October 3, 2015

October: 1.25$
November: 0.25$


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