My story

I will spare you the sad, sobbed story about how I grew up in poverty in a single-parent household because I had a dead-beat dad who wanted a relationship with my siblings and I, but he didn’t think he had any obligation to support us financially.

Instead, I want to show you how I took ownership of my life. Yes – I grew up in very difficult circumstances, but as a result I learned how to manage my personal finances by making $exy budgets, selling things I didn’t need and ultimately investing.


I always thought I kicked a$$ when it came to saving money. I didn’t even major in finance or accounting in college. Yet, after reading blogs and several books, MANNNN did I miss out on investment opportunities in my early 20s. Being young and a social butterfly, nope.

First rule of $aving: NO EXCUSES.

Married to the Military


I married my best friend in August 2015. My husband has been in the Navy for 10 years and plans to make it a career until retirement, which according to him will be mid-30s.

Being a military wife means having to deal with a lot of uncertainties, job changes, and occasionally unemployment.

We just had a wedding and I just immigrated to the United States to start our family, so the personal income (on my side) has been on the down low ever since June 2015. Almost 5 months now. Oh boy, can immigration and the wait be difficult!

I don’t have a social security number, a green card (yet), or an American bank account. Since everything revolves around the SSN, I have been on hiatus mode. Learning about investing, saving money, couponing, etc.

So basically, I started my new life with my hubby with financial uncertainties. I know it’s temporary. Yet – I am still very optimistic about our financial standing.

Elle ❤

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