OfferUp = Money-Maker App

OfferUp is a FREE app that allows you to buy or sell stuff locally. With a single snap, you can take a photo of an item and instantly circulate it to people nearby. All you need to do is register with your Facebook account or with an e-mail.

Many know this app as a way to declutter their homes and I can’t agree more! Since we are living the military lifestyle and we are eventually going to PCS, my husband has asked me to sell stuff that we do not need.

Recently, we sold our old couch that was taking way too much space in our studio apartment. We were actually going to just donate it if things didn’t work out and we already thinking about purchasing a new couch once we are settled in our new place. We were extremely happy that we could make some money out of it without much effort. We didn’t even have to move it ourselves!

I downloaded the app back in August and had multiple offers for our couch, books, and even a jewelry holder that I no longer used. Yes, it takes time before someone is genuinely interested, but it also requires minimal effort from you to post it.


Easy to take a picture right from your phone and post it to your account. I find CRAIGSLIST to be especially tedious. OfferUp is a great alternative to selling and buying things.

There is a rating system of buyers/sellers, so you can let others know how your transaction went — similar to eBay.

The seller lists the price, mentions whether the price is FIRM or negotiable. 

You can look for items that are close to you by filtering according to how far you are willing to go…


Like Craigslist, there are a lot of scammers out there… 

There are bad people in this world. However, I do think some people do not take any precautions… A lot of their bad experiences could have been easily avoided. Meeting in a public place and NOT at night? Just an idea.

I read bad reviews and complaints on 

Sellers are fake they never get back to you

Yes, there are some people that are not serious. Some just inquire or want to negotiate. This does not make them fake. Like any business deal, until the person is in front of you and hands you the ca$h, the deal is not close.

I got robbed at gunpoint. From a fake user. How can i sue this company

I don’t know where they met, but I am pretty sure they didn’t meet in front of a police station. If you are going to sell something valuable, it is probably a good idea to meet in a public place. Don’t blame the company. Blame your own BAD judgment. Also this could have easily happened if you sold your item through Craigslist…

Finally sold 1st item, which I had to deliver to workplace. As item sold for an offer of only $30 (we paid $79 plus tax for the item) and all the hassle with delivering and costs for mileage and gas – a minus plus time spent to deliver.

This is an app for selling goods. Even if your item is new, never opened, people will not be interested in buying your item at the same retail price. People are looking to get the best deal. You should have probably sent him a message that the price is firm.  Also, no one forces you to deliver the item to the buyer. You could have met him/her halfway or close to your residence.

So far, we have had GREAT experiences selling AND buying items on this app. I even bought items for our wedding in August, for more than half off the retail price. We always exercise caution when it comes to selling bigger items (like our couch). There was actually someone who wanted to come see the couch at 10:30 PM. OBVIOUSLY, I said NO. It’s all about thinking about your safety.


Elle ❤

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